Should I Shave My Head?

by David Culpepper on December 22, 2010

Should I Shave My Head?

One year ago, I made the decision to shave my head. It was time for a change so I took my hair clippers and ran them right down the middle of my head. At that point, there was no going back. Since then I’ve been asked numerous times why I shaved my head and here is my answer… because I wanted to.

I had been losing my hair for probably 15 years or more and I’m not going to lie, going bald bothered me. I don’t consider myself to be a particularly vain person but I still did not want to lose my hair. I liked my hair. That being said, I always felt that going bald was just one of those things that you can’t really do anything about.

Sure, I had read about all the pills, creams, foams, plugs, rugs and whatever the heck else they have these days. First of all, the toupee was never an option. Those things look ridiculous. Pills, creams and foams were immediately eliminated because, well, I’m lazy. There is no way I could maintain any kind of treatment that I would have to continue every day for the rest of my life. That’s just not going to happen and I knew it. Plugs? Have you seen the scars that are left when they graft the hair for transplanting? No thanks.

So, I just started cutting it shorter and shorter and never really thought that much about it… then I saw the bald spot. Yep, right on top of my old noggin.

I felt I had two options. I can rock the bald spot and wait for the inevitable or I can shave it all off. From there it didn’t take long to decide on option number 2. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Most people have been very supportive but some, friends and family included, were not particularly thrilled by my choice. But ultimately, I wasn’t happy with what was happening and I did something about it.

Deciding to shave your head is a major change. Granted, a hairstyle change is infinitesimally small in the grand scheme of things but it’s very personal and can affect people in a profound way. For those of you considering shaving your head, let’s take a look at some of the questions you may be asking yourself.

Questions I Pondered Before Opting to Shave My Head

  1. Why should I shave my head? Look, shaving your head will not fundamentally change who you are as human being but it does have some positive side affects.

    1. I can guarantee you this… you won’t be worrying about your hair all day anymore.
    2. In my case, I feel much more confident with the shaved head and that makes a huge difference in how other people see you. If you radiate confidence, other people will look at you differently.
    3. Women will want to rub your shiny dome. Trust me, there is nothing in the world like it.
  2. What will my friends think? I think this thought crosses the mind of everyone who considers shaving his or her head. I’ve talked to hundreds of people who have shaved their heads, and virtually all of them received nothing but positive comments. People will be surprised by the change and it will take them a while to adjust to the new you but they will and before long it will be like nothing ever happened. Think about it this way:

    1. People that like the new you are very likely to say something because it is a very visible change.
    2. People who don’t like the new you are not likely to say anything. Seriously, do you mock the people you know when they get a new haircut? No? Then neither will they.
    3. Who gives a damn? It’s your head, do what makes you happy.

    Of course not everyone will like your shaved head, or think it looks better than when you had hair. But honestly, you can’t please everyone. If you’re happy with your shaved head, who cares what anyone else thinks?

  3. Is there anyway to know what it will look like before I do it? Not really. If you are good with Photoshop you can shave your head virtually and maybe get an idea. There is website that will give you a virtual headshave and there is even an iPhone app that gives you an idea but the only way to really know is, you guessed it, shave it off. If you are still a little apprehensive maybe you could do it in stages.

    1. Go buy a pair of clippers and trim your hair with one of the guides that comes with it. Try starting at about 1 inch.
    2. See how it looks on you. You can even take a few days to get used to the new look. Then take it down to 1/2 inch.
    3. If you still like what you see, skip the guide altogether and take it down to the stubble.
    4. At this point, you will have a very good idea what your head will look like bald. The next step is pretty self-explanatory… shave it.

    One of the advantages of this step-by-step method is that you can stop at any time if you decide it’s not for you. That means you won’t have to wait as long for your hair to grow back.

  4. What if I don’t like the way it looks? It’s just hair, it will grow back. Seriously, when you first shave your head there will be an adjustment period. It will take a few days to recognize that new guy staring at you in the mirror every morning. Take my advice and give it a few days, some people even endorse a 30-day trial period. I’m not going to say you have to wait 30 days but give it some time and I bet you are going to like it.

Hopefully, this not only gives you a little insight as to why I made my decision but also will help you in deciding if you really want to shave your head. If you still have any questions or need any advice, feel free to contact me anytime.

All I know is, shaving my head has become a part of who I am and I would never trade my Zen-like state of smoothness for hair.


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